Terms and conditions


Bookings or Reservations
To make a booking/reservation you may call our tour manager directly on telephone or contact us via e-mail – dholiday@sltnet.lk or you can fill the booking form of the site and dispatch.

Our tour manager and the team will help you to select the travel arrangements that you require, work out specifications to your likes and requirements and will offer you a price for these arrangements leaving room for fine-tuning further through communication and discussion.

Your booking with D.Holidays (pvt) Ltd is confirmed when we have received your deposit for the arrangements that you have confirmed by email or by phone with our staff. If you are making a booking for more than one person, the person confirming the booking must have the consent of other accompanying guests to make the booking on their behalf and this person will be responsible for all payments for all the guests travelling on the booking. For the purposes of our booking conditions “you” means the individual making the booking on behalf of all members of the party travelling with. We make every reasonable effort to ensure that any written or oral instructions provided to us are followed and accurately reflected in the documentation we provide to our clients, on which a booking is based. Please check the information we send you to ensure that the final agreement is accurate and reflects the instructions you have given us.

The rates calculation depends on your itinerary, your Air Fare(should it become applicable), your international Travel Agency and any other requested by the guest.

We recommend you book hotels / accommodation/ Air Line seats with us and we will take the total responsibility for all such bookings of course subject to changes of room category or at times, even the hotels due to unforeseen emergencies. But we will not be liable for any such booking of hotels done by you direct.

Payment may be made for your holiday or Air Ticket by wire transfer to our bank or online payment through our website, made by either Visa/ Master credit cards or American Express Cards. Please find the payment details for online payments

1. Book with Hotels - Minimum 25% of the total booking cost is to be paid at the time of confirmation of your reservation. No reservation is deemed to be confirmed until such time as full payment has been received by the company.

2. Booking without Hotels (Only transportation) - Minimum 25% of the total booking is enough to confirm your booking.

3. Air Tickets – 100% payment upfront Balance of the total booking is to be received on the day of arrival prior to the commencement of your travel arrangements booked with us. Non-receipt of final payment by the due date will be treated as a cancellation and relevant cancellation charges will apply.
Bookings made within 30-60 days will require full payment at the time of booking to confirm the reservation.

Passenger and Vehicle insurance
All our vehicles and drivers with passengers are insured on private indemnity terms according to the insurance under the Sri Lanka insurance terms. It’s not a personal insurance scheme for each passenger.

Personal Insurance
It is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance at the time of your booking with your chosen insurance provider.
D.Holidays(pvt Ltd do not sell travel insurance and are unable to give advice on insurance policy content at your end.
If you need a Sri Lanka based travel insurance, please let us know your requirement and reason for us to suggest one.

About You -Medical Information and Special Requests
It is necessary for you to inform us about any medical condition, dietary requirement or special requirements that may have a significant or material impact on your ability to enjoy your booked arrangements. These should be advised to us at the time of booking and whilst we may be able to accommodate special requests and requirements we cannot be responsible for any loss of enjoyment that may arise from your failure to communicate these issues at the time of booking. Some of the areas in which operate are very remote, with limited medical facilities and as such we reserve the right to refuse a booking where a medical condition may impair your ability to enjoy or fulfil your travel arrangements.
D.Holidays (pvt) Ltd will not be responsible for any curtailment or amendment to travel arrangements that result from a medical condition either pre-existing or occurring during your travel arrangements.

If you have any dietary requests, our staff will generally be able to accommodate these, but such requests become our responsibility only when we have accepted obligatorily beforehand.

Changes to your booking
Once you have booked your travel arrangements with us, changes you may wish to make to your booked arrangements after receipt of your deposit will be possible subject to any charges that may be made by our suppliers. Any change that requires an alteration of dates to any booking, including postponement may be treated as a cancellation and our cancellation policy applied depending upon the notice given prior to arrival.

In the event that your arrangements need to be changed as a result of a missed, delayed or cancelled international or domestic airline flight, car or rail journey we will provide every assistance to you to merge the required changes to your travel itinerary, you will be responsible for the cost of all such changes.

Where your arrangements need to be changed, curtailed or abandoned due to circumstances beyond the control of D.Holidays(pvt) Ltd, including but not limited to acts of God, civil commotion, strikes, war, threat of war, terrorist activity either threatened or actual, natural or nuclear disaster and events beyond the reasonable control of D.Holidays(pvt) Ltd, we will, depending upon whether you are in the country or due to travel, either make alternate arrangements or offer you alternate travel arrangements wherever applicable. If such events occur whilst you are already travelling in Sri Lanka, the costs of such arrangements will be borne by you. Regrettably, D.Holidays(pvt) Ltd is unable to pay compensation or take responsibility for any costs, losses and liabilities that may result from such events, where they affect the ability of D.Holidays(pvt) Ltd to promptly and efficiently deliver its contracted arrangements to you or such events give rise to personal loss, distress, injury, or even death. Contract

A binding contract establishes between you and D.Holidays(pvt) Ltd once you have accepted our terms and conditions and paid your deposit. The laws of the republic of Sri Lanka will apply to this contract and to any dispute or claim which arises from it. Any dispute of claim that may arise will be exclusively dealt with by the courts of Sri Lanka. We reserve the right to change our booking conditions and general travel information from time to time as published on our website. You will not be exempted from any terms and conditions unless specifically agreed with us in writing beforehand.

Bookings cancelled after confirmation and payment of deposit will incur cancellation fees as a percentage of the total booking cost which is as follows, dependent upon the number of days prior to the departure from your country the arrangements are cancelled:

 30 days prior to arrival, no cancellation (unless otherwise specified)
 30 – 21 days prior to arrival, 40% of the tour cost
 20 – 00 day prior to arrival, 75% of the tour cost
 No show, 100% of the tour cost

Travel Documents
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct travel documents to enable you to travel to Sri Lanka. These may include but are not limited to, valid passport, flight

tickets, correct visa for Sri Lanka and any other requirements that may from time to time be required. D.Holidays(pvt) Ltd will not be responsible for any alterations to travel arrangements that may arise from your failure to travel with the correct documentation. Non-arrival in Sri Lanka as a result of incorrect documentation or non-compliance with International regulations will be treated as a cancellation by the company.

Child Policy
Some properties have a child policy that restricts booking acceptance, based on the age of the child. D.Holidays(pvt) Ltd clients may include many families with young children. Please consult our staff to ensure that we can deliver a family holiday that will suit your requirements at appropriate properties. Complaints and dispute D.Holidays(pvt) Ltd has a strong focus on consumer

complaint handling and dispute
resolution. As a result, we are actively committed to helping directly with client or the Travel Agent to resolve any complaint or concern that may have arisen about the way in which we have provided services.

Our Drivers
We believe that our pool of drivers is among the finest in the country – possessing a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm. To help uphold those standards, all drivers undertaking D.Holidays(pvt) Ltd(except in emergency) have clear guidelines regarding passenger safety, mandatory security checks, the client-driver relationship, tipping and gifts, shopping and flexibility.

When you book and travel with D.Holidays(pvt) Ltd, you accept full responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you or any member of your party to our properties, equipment, staff and vehicles and those of our suppliers. Full payment for any such damage or loss must be paid to D.Holidays(pvt) Ltd or its suppliers upon request. D.Holidays(pvt) Ltd reserve the right to terminate your stay or that of any person travelling with you due to threatening behaviour, moral turpitude or conduct which in D.Holidays(pvt) Ltd’s reasonable opinion justifies termination of your travel arrangements and in the event of such termination, no refunds will be made. D.Holidays(pvt) Ltd will not be under any obligation whatsoever to pay compensation or meet any costs or expenses you may incur as a result of your stay being terminated on such occasions.