Sri Lanka

Welcome to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka needs no introduction but a tourist will essentially need guidance and some recommendations when it comes to short-listing accommodation and other services by preference.

With the advent of peace in 2009 not only many have invested in tourism in Sri Lanka but also have picked tourism as their career. As such, a large cross-section representing desired as well as undesired elements of the Sri Lankan society has got involved in the trade by choice. This is besides a sizeable International interest, both favourable and unfavourable to the industry.

The outcome naturally has become one big jumble of a mixed bag relevant to any boom.

Needless to clarify, the accommodation-jumble consists of some very tasteful creations in world standards; refined and perfectly filtered through the fabric of the well known culture and heritage of the Island. Some do blend magically with the islands’ untouched nature. Unfortunately, an equal number remains rather distasteful not only being trashy and vulgar in appearance but mismanaged as well. The same ratio applies to plethora of individual service-providers in the likes of chauffeurs and guides.

This is where a reputed agent, your trusted friend in Sri Lanka, should come into the picture to make sure that you get best value for the money you spend.

The judgment should be made with right-left discrimination as all sites whether they are great or lowly are made to look great anyway on the screen. Also, the benchmarks offered by the global-purchase-sites at times differ from reality and have often made customers doubtful of their worthiness. We have seen it all with a wealth of experience behind us; happiness pouring-over when everything is tickety-boo and hopelessness drenching when their screen-dreams are shattered by reality.

Hence we offer dialog to make your selection tailor-made for you. It comes without a price tag.

And that’s how we welcome you with a flash of homespun truthfulness………